Student’s handy app brings the ‘phone’ to iPhone

A Computer Science student from the University of Lincoln, UK, has created a handy new app that provides iPhone users with a quick and simple way of dialling a number, no matter which app is in operation.

Raviraj Minawala’s ‘Addial’ app simply places a dial-pad in the ‘Today’ view, making it possible to place a call from anywhere on your iPhone.

Once it is added users can tap on the phone icon to place a call or begin composing a message by tapping the text bubble.

Raviraj, who is currently a second year undergraduate in Lincoln’s School of Computer Science, said: “There was a lot of demand for this particular app as it allows users to call, add and copy phone numbers anywhere throughout the iOS operating system.This means users don’t always have to access the phone app specifically to do phone related functions. It brings the ‘phone’ to iPhone.”

Addial is now available in the App Store and has been featured on CNET – one of the world’s most influential technology news and review sites.

Raviraj has also developed iOS ‘tweaks’ that includes ‘Pluck’, which allows users to access the music library from the Lock-screen and Control Centre to instantly play or queue music. Another tweak called ‘Define’ allows access to the Dictionary, Wikipedia or Thesaurus from anywhere using the Control Centre – without leaving current content.

Raviraj, who aims to gain experience in a software company on graduation, eventually aspires to set up his own company.
Raviraj added: “The resources and teaching support provided by the University of Lincoln has really helped me to showcase my developments. As I enter the third year of my degree I aim to complete the mobile computing module, which will enhance my skills even further.”

To see more examples of Raviraj’s projects go to or follow him on Twitter @rv1raj.



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