School Takes Off!

A party of staff and students representing the University of Lincoln’s School of Computer Science were the guests of RAF Waddington last week. The invitation to tour the base came in response to the School’s donation of £1000 to RAFA, the RAF Association. Highlights of the tour included a visit to the control tower with its panoramic views across Lincolnshire and watching the air traffic controllers landing aircraft and guiding aircraft through the airspace above the base. The party were treated to a rare, close-up inspection inside the E-3D (the Airborne Early Warning and Control aircraft, or AWAC, pictured here). The AWAC fleet is based at Waddington and when not on service, AWACs can often be seen circling above Lincoln.

The School has recently launched an MSc in Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Management offered jointly with RAF Waddington for serving officers. Along with the now regular stand at the Waddington Air Show, this further cements the partnership with our local air base.

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