Gadget Man features academic’s quadrocopter technology

Channel 4’s Gadget Man will feature the latest sensation in aerial remote control aircraft, using 3D-printed quadrocopters built by the University of Lincoln’s Dr John Murray.

In the third series of the show, presenter Richard Ayoade still isn’t finding life any easier. Cooking, shopping, going out or even staying in are among the activities that involve far too much effort for Ayoade’s liking. That’s why he’s continuing his crusade in this series to find cutting-edge gadgets that can ease his pain.

In the Cooking and Dining Out episode, to be aired at 8.30pm on Monday, 15th September, Richard invites celebrity foodie Adrian Edmondson to his revolutionary bistro, where there’s printed food, robot waiters, levitating deserts and clear coffee.

The quadrocopters were used in the final section of this food-focussed instalment, taking an interesting look at how our shopping may be delivered in the future.

Dr Murray’s ‘mind-powered’ quadrocopters are then featured in the Self Improvement episode, which sees Ayoade and actor Richard E Grant controlling the aircraft with pure concentration.

This will be aired on Channel 4 at 8.30pm on Monday, 6th October.

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