Create your own dungeon with new roguelike

Developers from the University of Lincoln, UK, have created a new fantasy roguelike that allows players to generate their own content through Twitter.

#Dungeon is a simple dungeon crawler, created from tweeting code tagged as #HashtagDungeon.

Roguelike is a sub-genre of role-playing video games, characterized by random level generation, tile-based graphics and permanent death.

Likened to Zelda and The Binding of Isaac, #Dungeon also has an editor mode so people not familiar with coding can still create new rooms and tweet them out.

The game has been created by Computer Science graduate Sean Oxspring and current third year undergraduate Kieran Hicks.

Sean said: “Last summer I had the idea to create a dungeon crawler using Twitter. I pitched the idea as a third year final project and Kieran took it up. Thanks to the input of Dr Patrick Dickinson we refined the idea and it became a collaborative dungeon design tool.”

Dr Dickinson added: “Hashtag Dungeon is a unique concept which leverages social media in a very interesting way. Kieran and Sean have worked really hard in bringing this project to fruition, and the game is getting better and better, so I am glad they are getting some well-deserved recognition.”

The developers are currently planning to launch on PC and Android devices in the summer and will be focussing on testing and development beforehand.

Kieran added: “The reception the game has already received around the net has been incredible.”


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