Robot marathon

From November 25 to November 29, the six robots from the EU STRANDS project will battle it out for the title of last robot standing in the STRANDS Robot Marathon.

The challenge is to autonomously patrol a populated environment for as long as possible, with the aim to cover the most distance in the shortest time possible.

This will push the state-of-the-art technology in terms of autonomous, intelligent robot behaviour in human environments, paving the way for a new generation of autonomous service robots.

The STRANDS Robot Marathon will feature live feeds from robots, information about all the participants, and information on the underlying science and technology challenges this work presents.

You can follow the University of Lincoln’s robot ‘Linda’ live online at in the coming week when Linda will try to run autonomously for as long as possible. Linda is based in the new Robotics lab at Witham Wharf.

The Lincolnshire Echo was there for the start of the marathon

More information can be found at and

Also, follow (and retweet) @LindaStrands and search for  #RobotMarathon on Twitter to stay up to date and share the excitement.

For full details of the STRANDS project go to

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