Robot Linda making an impression

Linda the robot is generating a great deal of interest at the Universities Week event at the Natural  History Museum in London.

The specialist  mobile robot is one  of six currently being programmed to act intelligently in real-world environments, with the ultimate aim of being able to support security guards or staff in care homes.

She is one of six robots involved in the £7.2 million collaborative STRANDS project aimed at creating mobile robots that are able to operate independently, based on an understanding of 3D space and how this space changes over time.

Linda was invited to take part in Universities UK week-long celebration of university research and can be seen in the Darwin Centre of the Museum until Friday, 13th June.

The project has generated a great deal of media interest, including from Times Higher Education and the British Council

The open evening, attended by journalists and UK university representatives, involved demonstrations thanks to Dr Marc Hanheide, Dr Jaime Pulido Fentanes and Christian Dondrup.

The exhibit is just one of a number being hosted by the Natural History Museum as part of Universities Week 2014.

Linda NHM 9 Linda NHM 7 Linda NHM 5

Linda at the Natural History Museum
Linda at the Natural History Museum
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