Research Seminar on Computational Audio Analysis

Title: Computational Audio Analysis

Speaker: Dr. Shyamala Doraisamy

Date&Time: Friday, 18 Sept 2015, 1:30-2:30pm

Venue: MC0019 MHAT building

Abstract: With the current advancements in computing and multimedia technology, the information content for information processing is not only based on collections of text-based documents, but with very diverse media such as images, video and audio. Various branches of media-specific information processing fields have emerged, and together with specialised domain knowledge experts, state-of-the art software applications are rapidly being developed. These typically employ Computational Intelligence techniques, in combination with suitable Digital Signal Processing Algorithms. This talk will focus on audio media, and an overview of audio content analysis techniques towards automated analysis and understanding of sounds. Several related projects in the domains of music, heart sounds and speech will be discussed.

Shyamala’s home page:

Shyamala will spend her sabbatical year (2015-2016) in Lincoln, School of Computer Science. Her office is in the Witham Wharf site. Please do come and have chat with her if you are interested in her research.

All are welcome.

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