MyHealthAvatar consortium to meet in Lincoln

Researchers from across Europe are visiting the University of Lincoln as part of a 2.4 million Euro project.

Dr Xujiong Ye, from the School of Computer Science, is hosting the MyHealthAvatar consortium on 25th and 26th February.

MyHealthAvatar is a three-year European Commission project designed to provide a computing platform that offers access, collection, sharing and intelligent analysis of long-term personal health status data.

It will give people more knowledge and control of their health via their computers and mobile phones.

The programme will keep archives of each user’s electronic health records, as well as store data about daily activities and family history.

MyHealthAvatar, which began in 2013, will help deliver clinical analysis, prediction, prevention and treatment tailored to individual subjects.

It will also build a consistent continent-wide record of individual citizens enabling effective treatment should travellers become unwell anywhere in the EU.

The UK’s University of Lincoln is involved in the project, which is being led by the University of Bedfordshire.

Dr Ye, who is working with a team from Lincoln’s Laboratory of Vision Engineering (LoVE), is primarily focussing on the areas of multi-scale medical image analysis and intelligent life-logging data analysis

Click here for more information on MyHealthAvatar.

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