FP7 project HAZCEPT contract signed and will start from 1st/April/2013

hazcept logo 4 no boarder

The contract of the FP7-IRSES project HAZCEPT has been signed recently. It will start from 1/April/2013 and run for 4 years. Lincoln is the coordinator of this consortium. What and why is this project?

HAZCEPT: Towards zero road accidents – nature inspired hazard perception. The number of road traffic accident fatalities world wide has recently reached 1.3 million each year, with between 20 and 50 million injuries being caused by road accidents. In theory, all accidents can be avoided. Studies showed that more than 90% road accidents are caused by or related to human error. Developing an efficient system that can detect hazardous situations robustly is the key to reduce road accidents. This HAZCEPT consortium will focus on automatic hazard scene recognition for safe driving. HAZCEPT will address the hazard recognition from three aspects – lower visual level, cognitive level, and driver factors.


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