Eye Resonator Project to be shown at the International Kinetica Art Fair

Eye Resonator

An interactive piece of art created by Dr John Shearer from the School of Computer Science and Dr Brigitta Zics Deputy Head of Postgraduate Studies in Ravensbourne, will be displayed at the International Kinetica Art Fair, a platform for new media art works and kinetic installations.

Eye Resonator is an interactive art ecosystem that reacts to a viewer’s eye movements detecting behavioural changes using eye-tracking technology.

To begin with, a large copper dome lowers itself over a person’s head, which calibrates the system for an individual’s eyes. They are then presented with an animated swarm of “boids” on the screen in front of them, which they control simply by their eye movement.

By detecting subtle behavioural changes, Eye Resonator stimulates a process of self-observation by guiding the visitor through a sequence of experiences and feedback loops. As well as altering the swarm behaviours the Eye Resonator  can activate fans and heat lamps to heat or cool the visitor and alter the soundscape, to further modulation their affective state.

During the experience, which lasts from about two to ten minutes, pupil dilation and behavioural shifts are tracked as people try to control increasingly complex swarms on the screen in front of them – from a flock of birds through to insects or fish and onto plankton.

The International Kinetica Art Fair, hosted at The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London, will display the Eye Resonator technology from 16–19 October, with public viewings available from 17th October. Ticket information can be found here http://www.kinetica-artfair.com/

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