Enter The Telegraph’s STEM Awards

The Telegraphs UK STEM Awards have launched for their 4th year and you could be  a part of it.


The STEM Awards were set up in 2014 to highlight and reward the best undergraduate talent in our universities.

The winners of the awards can win anything from work experience to £25,000. They do this by answering one of six industry specific challenges. Each of these is set by a specific sponsor –

·  Rolls-Royce

·  Atkins

·  Semta

·  GSK

·  McLaren

·  BAE Systems

As an example, one of the six challenges is – 

Imagine it’s 2050, fossil fuels are becoming more scarce and stealth and autonomous capabilities are vital in combating a number of different threats from pirates, terrorists and rogue states. Considering all of these requirements what would an Aircraft Carrier of the future look like?

Click here to see the other challenges


Entry deadline is the 20th of Feb 2017, but if you have any questions in the mean time, email stem@telegraph.co.uk .


For more information go to 

·  www.telegraph.co.uk/stemawards

·  @STEMawards

·  www.facebook.com/stemawards/


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