United in praise of Manchester visit


SoCS students enjoyed a productive and informative day at BBC Media City in Salford last week. The theme of the event was latest trends in software development at the BBC. 

Spokesperson Sam Newman outlined one of their key issues: “We have lots of information available about our systems. CPU, disk IO, orders placed, error rates, users logged in. But typically all these pieces of information are collected, aggregated and stored in very different ways making correlation difficult. What if we could treat all of this information as events? Then we could aggregate, store, and report on all of this information and make real use of the information using nothing more complex than some free, off the shelf Open Source software”

Talking about the event, final year Computer Science student Matthew Bright said “The Develop: North conference was a very interesting and enjoyable day overall. Media city is a brilliant location for this sort of thing, everything you could ask for was on site (you could even see Old Trafford).  The speakers gave a really clear insight towards the industry that we as students are trying to work our way into. Having never really given a thought to how large organisations store and use the data they acquire, each talk described not only how the databases they use worked but why they used NoSQL in particular to manage huge amounts of data. ”

Final year Computer Information Systems student Robin Oliver said of the talks “it was very interesting to hear how these professionals at the top of their fields use these systems in the modern workplace. I understand everyone who attended, enjoyed the whole experience. ”



Visit to BBC enjoyed by all

A party of students travelled to the new BBC Media City in Salford last week to discover latest trends in software development at the BBC. Topics included NOSQL (“Not only SQL”) databases and HTTPShark (real-time management and analysis of website traffic).

Second Year Web Tech student Josh Leafe said “the visit to Media City UK was a real eye-opener to some of the vast opportunities available out there. The BBC Developers Conference itself was really inspirational and I would love the opportunity to be able to attend such events in the future.”

Final year Computer  Scientist Cameron Mackenzie said “In my opinion, I believed the BBC trip to be extremely successful in sharing expert knowledge about particular computing subjects from databases to software used for reviewing and analysing network traffic, as well as going to even show their proven business processes and what has made them successful such as the presentation from Adrian Cockcroft (Netflix). I would believe this and others like these outings to be beneficial for those involved in any facet of the computing industry.”

The students were the first to respond to an offer of a number of free tickets that the BBC made available to the School of Computer Science.

SoCS students at the BBC

A massive response to the offer of free tickets led to a group of 14 students travelling to the new BBC Media City in Salford. The BBC originally offered just two tickets but demand was so great that Head of School Dr David Cobham wrote back requesting additional places and the BBC kindly obliged.

First year student Wai Lo said “It was totally an amazing experience for me! Sat there with lots of IT experts, feeling a bit nervous at first, but I got used to it later in the day as I was so into the talk! I was the youngest person in that event!! Totally worth it!! Hoping there will be another activity like this in the future!”

According to final year student Jake Brown, “getting the opportunity to listen to talks you wouldn’t normally get access to is definitely something you should go for. I didn’t really find the talks completely relevant to what I’m interested in, but it made me notice just how important database related things are in computing and that I really need to get my head around them if I want to get a decent job in software development! It was also just a good chance to get some contacts and take a look behind the scenes at the BBC which in itself was worth going to the talks for. Media City is way better than I imagined.”

Will hunting good experiences in USA!

Will Bromley has just checked in with the School of Computer Science. He’s a Level 2 student who is spending his second year on a student exchange programme at Montana State University in Boseman, Montana, USA. After completing his first year at Lincoln he packed his bags during Summer 2012 and headed off to start an amazing experience.  

Will says “Montana and Bozeman are truly amazing places… The people are some of the nicest and friendliest I have ever met and the environment is one of the best for education I have experienced. The air is clean and there is more space and open roads than seems possible. When you head up to campus and see the mountains surrounding you, it is a very impressive sight indeed. This place really is part of “the great outdoors” and there are limitless opportunities for camping, hiking, kayaking, and in the winter, skiing.”

Will returns to complete his third and final year next summer.

University of Lincoln, UK