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Students to showcase work

Computer Science students will be exhibiting their projects during a two-day event on Wednesday, 6th May to Thursday, 7th May, 2015.

All students, staff and visitors are welcome to the event which will include presentations from Postgraduate by Research students and final year undergraduates.

The event runs from 9.30am to 5pm on both days and will take place across the third floor of the MHT building on the University’s Brayford Campus.

The School is always open for companies and potential employers to get in touch and participate.

For more information contact Dr Ahmed at aahmed@lincoln.ac.uk

Student Showcase 2014
Student Showcase 2014
Student Showcase 2014
Student Showcase 2014
Student Showcase 2014
Student Showcase 2014

Student’s handy app brings the ‘phone’ to iPhone

A Computer Science student from the University of Lincoln, UK, has created a handy new app that provides iPhone users with a quick and simple way of dialling a number, no matter which app is in operation.

Raviraj Minawala’s ‘Addial’ app simply places a dial-pad in the ‘Today’ view, making it possible to place a call from anywhere on your iPhone.

Once it is added users can tap on the phone icon to place a call or begin composing a message by tapping the text bubble.

Raviraj, who is currently a second year undergraduate in Lincoln’s School of Computer Science, said: “There was a lot of demand for this particular app as it allows users to call, add and copy phone numbers anywhere throughout the iOS operating system.This means users don’t always have to access the phone app specifically to do phone related functions. It brings the ‘phone’ to iPhone.”

Addial is now available in the App Store and has been featured on CNET – one of the world’s most influential technology news and review sites.

Raviraj has also developed iOS ‘tweaks’ that includes ‘Pluck’, which allows users to access the music library from the Lock-screen and Control Centre to instantly play or queue music. Another tweak called ‘Define’ allows access to the Dictionary, Wikipedia or Thesaurus from anywhere using the Control Centre – without leaving current content.

Raviraj, who aims to gain experience in a software company on graduation, eventually aspires to set up his own company.
Raviraj added: “The resources and teaching support provided by the University of Lincoln has really helped me to showcase my developments. As I enter the third year of my degree I aim to complete the mobile computing module, which will enhance my skills even further.”

To see more examples of Raviraj’s projects go to www.ravirajm.com or follow him on Twitter @rv1raj.



The Gadget Show’s Jason Bradbury’s inaugural lecture to students

Technology expert and The Gadget Show presenter Jason Bradbury revealed the technological advances which most inspire him when he delivered his inaugural lecture at the University of Lincoln, UK.

As a visiting lecturer Jason will be sharing his industry insights with undergraduate students from the University’s Product Design and Computer Science degree courses on two unique modules over the next academic year. His first teaching session took place on Monday 9th March 2015 when he gave his inaugural lecture.

Taking as its starting point Moore’s Law – that improvement in technology is exponential –the lecture examined how tech is transforming our lives, highlighting the innovations that promise to cross into mainstream culture over the coming years.

Jason also delivered briefings for second year students from both degree programmes, setting out challenges to devise new products, developments or technical solutions. He will return throughout the next academic year to assess and steer students’ progress in a series of classes collectively dubbed the ‘BradLab’.

Jason said: “As a former Lincoln student myself, I’m hugely looking forward to spending time with students at the University. My aim is to encourage them to really think about the potential of new technology – whether it’s as a programmer or a designer – and to come up with genuinely innovative ideas that we can develop together over the next year. I hope my inaugural lecture served up plenty of food for thought to fuel the creative process – I threw in a few surprise interactive elements too such as sending a telepresent robot of myself in to start the lecture!”

Jason Bradbury is a television presenter and children’s author, best known for his expertise in new technology and as presenter of Channel 5’s The Gadget Show. He is holder of seven Guinness World Records, including the world’s fastest jet powered luge. He is known for his exotic DIY gadget builds, which have included a DIY hoverboard, the world’s first ‘phone glove’, and he is currently converting his vintage DeLorean into the car from Back to the Future. He is a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Lincoln.

Members of the public and schools also enjoyed an adapted version of Jason’s talk on new technologies during a free public guest lecture.

Jason Bradbury inaugural lecture 3