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Staff and Students Entertain and Inform at the Waddington Air Show

Students and Staff of the School of Computer Science set up and ran an entertaining and educational stand once again at this year’s Waddington Air Show. In addition to the ever-popular robot football and eye-tracker simulations, this year people attending the stand could win a prize by controlling a robot arm that detected their hand movements. There was interest from commercial contacts in the quadcopter demonstration and in the educational programmes offered. The LiSC research group had real time demonstrations of Twitter and Bluetooth activity,  and an informative  crowd simulation application, and the Vision group demonstrated real time foreground and backgroup video separation. A number of military personnel sought advice about the various tailored programmes now offered by the School and there were plenty of general enquiries for many of the other courses offered by the University. The slightly grey and cloudy weather was unfortunate for some of the air displays but did mean that there was a constant flow of people through the exhibits in the covered hangars!

Royal Approval for SoCS at AirShow

Once again the School of Computer Science ran a stand at this year’s Waddington Air Show this weekend. The stand was run by staff, students and representatives of the new MSc in Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Management. Prince Edward visited the hangar where we were based and as he and the Waddington Station Commander toured the exhibits, Head of School Dr David Cobham had a good opportunity to explain to the Prince that the School was demonstrating its research both to the military and to commercial companies, and also to run fun technology activities for the youngsters. The Prince was interested in the robot football activity and he called across to two of the School’s military students who had volunteered to help on the stand and joked with them to make sure they let the kids have a go – which produced a good laugh from all! After that Dr Cobham described to the Prince the School’s collaborative programmes with the military, and the Station Commander showed he was fully aware of our new MSc  in ISR Management, which launched last month, by explaining to the Prince what a good partnership this was.

SoCS Back at Waddington Air Show

The School of Computer Science is once again hosting a stand at this year’s Waddington Air Show. If you are going along then please pop in and say hello. We are in Hanger 3 this year. You can try your hand at controlling a robot arm that copies your own movements! Or come and compete in the robot football games. Also stand still in front of the motion detection camera and watch your image melt away to invisibility! Or log on to Twitter and see how your Tweets compare to others being made around the world.

Head speaks out on changes to secondary school curriculum

In a radio interview yesterday, SoCS Head of School Dr David Cobham discussed government proposals to introduce a new Computer Science curriculum in secondary schools. Talking to Rod Whiting at BBC Radio Lincolnshire, Dr Cobham discussed education secretary Michael Gove’s proposal  to re-introduce a focus on programming into the GCSE computing curriculum. The long term aspiration is to build the knowledge economy and exploit the advantage of having a better technology-trained workforce. The interview focused on the benefits that children could gain from such a curriculum and the issues that it posed on terms of staff training for teachers. The interview will be available on the BBC iPlayer  for one week from the date of transmission. The item begins 2H:38m into the programme and lasts for around seven minutes: